Life Connections


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Community Life (Inter) Connections

Evangel Life is a community of believers interconnected in diverse ways. The community has a broad array of groups and fellowships, large and small that are formed in line with individual interests, focus and dispositions – gender, age, skills sets, vocation, language, ethnicity, hobbies, life milestones, and the list goes on! This fosters multiple layers of personal and individual interactions between members making it one humongous family of God. Surely, anyone can find at least one area to connect with others. Most prominent activities are listed below:

Men's Fellowship

Women's Fellowship

Home Groups ( Small Groups )

Men's Fellowship

Evangel Assembly of God seeks to empower men to lead in their spiritual life, home life, and community. This is done through discipleship and fellowship. Through this process, core beliefs develop and become evident in a man’s heart. When Jesus is magnified as the standard of what a true man should be; this changes the world. We are committed to encouraging the growth of our spiritual leaders through a balanced program of worship, biblical teaching, fellowship, and evangelism. Keep an eye on our events page to see upcoming events for the men of Evangel Assembly of God.
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Women’s Fellowship

We seek to behold the beauty and gifts resident in each woman in our congregation. Encouraging one another we stand together, being perfected and fully equipped, closely joined and firmly knit together, growing in full maturity and building one another up in His love. (Ephesians 4:12, 16) Join the women of Evangel Assembly of God as they grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord and think through practical applications to everyday life. Keep an eye on our events page for upcoming events for the women of Evangel Assembly of God.
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Home Groups (Small Groups)

Small groups are an excellent way to develop personal interrelationships with other church members, guaranteeing that one is not lost in a crowd. These groups are formed based on a common focus or disposition. They have the potential of creating dynamic disciples through nontraditional means and ministries. Small groups meet regularly throughout the month, some during the week, and some on weekends. There are many small groups to choose from, so feel free to find one that interests you and best suits your schedule.
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