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If you are looking for a church family to join and would like to obtain more information about being a member of Evangel Assembly , click here <contact us)>and one of our ministers will be in touch with you. In the meantime please go through the information below, following which you may fill out the Membership Application Form (hyperlink):

Standard of Evangel Life Church Membership:

  1. Evidence of genuine regeneration experience (new birth).
  2. Evidence of a consistent Christian life.
  3. Should be baptized in water or actively seeking water baptism
  4. Members are expected to fully subscribe to the church’s Tenets of Faith.
  5. Members are expected, as a part of their religious duty, to observe scriptural methods of giving cheerfully and regularly of their tithes and offerings, as unto the Lord.

Application for Membership:

Persons desiring to become members of the church are required to attend a church membership orientation class. Upon completion of the class and after a minimum of three (3) months of faithful attendance, prospective members shall make application to the Pastor and the Official Board of the Church, who in turn shall select a group from their membership to carefully question each applicant as to his/her beliefs, profession of faith, and relationship to the church before approving for membership. Those wishing to work with minors under age 18 must first attend faithfully for six (6) months after obtaining membership.


  • Having received the recommendation of the Pastor and the Official Board, new members shall be received into the Assembly publicly at any of the regular Sunday services at the discretion of the Pastor.
  • Persons who transfer membership from another evangelical church shall meet the requirements of three (3) months faithful attendance and will be questioned as to their belief, profession of faith, and relationship to the church before approving them for membership.


  • All persons having been received into membership of the Church shall be considered as active members as long as they continue to subscribe to and embrace the Standard of Membership and show interest in the Church by regular attendance at the meetings and a spirit of cooperation toward the Pastor and officers of the Church.
  • All persons having met the scriptural Standards for Membership, whose names appear on the Active Church Membership Roll, shall constitute the legal voting membership of the congregation, except as hereinafter provided.


Members, who shall, without good cause, absent themselves from the church attendance for a period of three (3) consecutive months, shall become inactive members and shall lose their voting privilege and the privilege of the floor at church business meetings. An inactive member who shall, without good cause, absent himself/herself from church attendance for a period of three (3) consecutive months will be removed from the membership.


Members who are actively engaged in the Lord’s Work (such as Ministers, Evangelists, Missionaries, etc.), either at home or abroad, shall be considered affiliate members.


All members of all classes of the church constitute the congregation of the church.

Only active members who are at least 18 years of age shall be entitled to vote at business meetings of the congregation.

Having carefully given due consideration if you desire to join the membership of Evangel Assembly of God, please click here to fill out the church membership application form.